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Our Partnership


Fikawelie Mental Health CIC

Empower Consultancy

African and Caribbean Mental Health Service (ACMHS)

Our programme will deliver culturally appropriate mental health interventions in Manchester and Trafford.


We aim to offer our unique programme to the South Asian, African, or Caribbean communities, focusing on individuals experiencing severe mental illness this also includes individuals from a dual heritage background.

What’s on Offer

  • Medication management delivered by FikaWelie focuses on individuals experiencing severe mental health issues.

  • Person-Centered Counselling or CBT,

  • Mindfulness,

  • Basic IT skills,

  • Math's 

  • English 

  • Resilience building

  • Health and fitness gym providing personal training

  • Swimming or any other leisure pursuits.

We will also offer clients opportunities to access culturally sensitive activities such as art, poetry, music, sewing, and lots of other activities.


Our programme aim is to improve the structural inequalities in mental health services, we will offer ethnic matching based on inheritance values and personality traits when it comes to 1 to one sessions.

Some people need to take medicines to help them feel better or stay healthy. But sometimes, they might not know how to use their medicines the right way. CWP Medicine Support Service is here to help.  

Our Advance Nurse Practitioner (AMP) will advise patients on:

- Where to keep their medicines so they don't get spoiled or lost

- How to throw away their medicines when they don't need them anymore

- What their medicines do and why they need to take them

- What might happen if they take too much or too little of their medicines

- When and how to take their medicines, such as with food or water

- How to check if their medicines are working well for them

Our AMP want to make sure that people get the best results from their medicines and stay safe. We are always ready to answer any questions that people might have about their medicines.

Disclaimer We do not prescribe, alter or change medication.

Get in touch by email: or call  0161 226 9562

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