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Connect 5

Let’s change the mental wellbeing conversation across Stockport together!

Our Connect 5 programme is a series of mental health training modules designed to help people have better mental wellbeing conversations in the workplace. Connect 5 enables you and your colleagues to support service users and employees to better manage their mental health, increase their resilience and ultimately improve their wellbeing, whilst also offering you the tools to look after your own.  

Connect 5 is ideal for anyone who works or volunteers with the public.  

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Modern Love
Practicing Yoga
Spa Massage

How does it work?  

There are three modules all of which build on each other. Each module lasts three hours. 

Module 1 is a basic course which can be undertaken on its own and is really designed for one-off conversations. 


Module 2 starts to introduce basic motivational interviewing techniques and is suitable for people who maybe having more in-depth wellbeing conversations. 


Module 3 further explores motivational interviewing and is suitable for people who are meeting people on a regular basis to help improve wellbeing. 

You can choose to progress through the modules depending on the requirements of your role. 


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