Welcome to FikaWelie

FikaWelie will be a specialist adult mental health unit for people of Caribbean and African descent age 18 and over, experiencing enduring mental health problems. 

This service will provide culturally relevant care and recognize the traumatic impact

of racism on mental health.  However, the care will always be individualized.

Therapy Office

Wide Range of Services

Fika Welie will be here to support you and those close to you, through each step of the process, no matter what brings you to our attention.  From recovery to stability back in the community.

Skilled Staff

Our professional team will be trained to support your individual journey and to provide care that is relevant to you, your culture and your experience.

Psychological Services

FikaWelie will provide culturally relevant and racism aware therapist. Each of our patients are eligible for a personalized service.

Nursing Service

Our highly trained practitioners and support staff will work with you and those close to you to support you to manage your care.